Beti Frim
Pixel Bambi
Beti Frim aka Pixel Bambi (2001) is currently pursuing her studies in Visual Communication Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Her creative pursuits predominantly center around the theme of coexistence between humans and non-human species. She exhibits a keen interest in exploring the dynamics of communication among diverse species, delving into a wide range of artistic practices and mediums, ranging from 3D animation to ceramics. The blending of digital and analog media is particularly captivating to her. One of her works, a virtual-ceramic installation titled "From Moss-centric Era," was featured as part of the 35th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: From the void came gifts of the cosmos. In addition to her visual artistry, she is actively engaged in the realm of music. As a designer, she is a member of the Ljubljana-based FLINTA collective Ustanova. Alongside this, she produced animations for the London-based Be More Childish record label and is also contributing animations for Slovenian bands like Masaž and mala roza muca, with whom she collaborates as Pixel Bambi both in music and artistic expression. Furthermore, she has a keen interest in jewelry design and has collaborated with Slovenian brands such as Brencha and Yelewery.